Introducing: Welcome Back Sailors – Artist Of The Month – September


Imagine yourself having just climbed up to the peak of Mount Everest on a clear day.  You breathe in the crisp and clean air.  Mesmerized you look around to admire 360° of absolute beauty.  Naturally, your first instinct is to spread your arms wide open and with unrestrained exhilaration you vocalize your victory.  You have arrived.  This is Yes/Sun, the debut album by Italian duo Welcome Back Sailors (Alessio and Danilo).

In Yes/Sun Welcome Back Sailors show off their remarkable ability to paint vast, sonic, elegant landscapes without making their listener feel neither stranded nor isolated but, rather, enveloped.  Danilo’s voice is an entity of that realm we visit daily but only briefly get to experience; the moment between sleeping and waking.  It is a voice that seems to call out and comfort from a distance yet manages to feel private enough to intimately share stories about anguish, romance, dreams, and sorrow.  Alessio makes his electric guitar sing as a third member of the band would.  It almost has a life of its own as if Alessio is instead its instrument aiding it in the creation of its sound.

Yes/Sun visits the sensibility of memorable ’80s love songs (i.e. Spandau Ballet, Crowded House) without feeling banal or trite.  At the same time, with Yes/Sun, Welcome Back Sailors plant their roots in the present.  Roots that are undoubtedly bound to grow and produce a soundtrack for a new generation.  Yes/Sun lacks the cold atmosphere that dominates the sound of most of Welcome Back Sailors‘ contemporaries in the techno/synth/chill wave pop genre.  Welcome Back Sailors‘ music is one that imparts its memories and helps reveal our forgotten own.  It exudes life.  It breathes and feels and makes you feel.  It’s warm like the sun; yes, sun.

Purchase your own copy of Yes/Sun: Digital here or on vinyl here.


18.08.11 Borsea (RO) @ Savoir Fest | IT
26.08.11 San Gemini @ Acoustic Festival | IT
03.09.11 Viadana (MN) @ Watchout Festival | IT
10.09.11 Firenze @ Villaromana | IT
01.10.11 Ponticino (AR) – WWNBB NIGHT @ campo sportivo | IT
19.10.11 Forlì @ Diagonal Loft Club | IT
22.10.11 Parma @ Giovane Italia | IT


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