What’s Up Your “S”? – MOONTOWER

I been away for sometime….but I’m super excited for what this band will become and I need to share with you!

Formerly known as MOONTOWERS, this Boston band has been on my radar for some time now.  I was fortunate enough to download a few things off their Bandcamp page before they removed it all.  They have removed the “s” from their name but most importantly reuploaded a few tracks on Bandcamp that must go into your collection.  I have yet to hear a MOONTOWER song I don’t like and if you’re a fan of fuzzy melodic psych then this band is right up your alley.  The more I listen to their stuff, and I do that quite a lot, the more I love this them.

– Aug. 30 2013 – Arts At The Armory – Somerville, MA
– Sep. 06 2013 – T.T. The Bears – Cambridge, MA
– Oct. 19 2013 – Precinct & PAs Lounge – Somerville, MA

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