Saadi & Delicate Steve – Snowyman

What a wonderful treat it was to open an email a while back only to find this gem waiting to be adored.  We’ve kept this to ourselves far too long and it is time to share it and do our part to help its brightness shine on.
We’ve said it before but it bears repeating: we abhor remixes.  But every so often a remix comes along that simply touches us and that we get really excited about.  This version of “Snowyman” is a perfect example of such  remixes.  The video below contains a remix done by Delicate Steve to the song by Saadi that truly matches the greatness of the original.
Saadi is a singer born in Syria and raised in Pennsylvania before making her way to NYC.  Delicate Steve originally from New Jersey creates instrumental music and his album Wondervisions is one we can’t seem to stop listening to.
“Snowyman” is available digitally here, here, and on 7″ here.

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Ghostandthesong – Escapes EP

Matthias Kanik‘s musical project Ghostandthesong has done it yet again by bringing us a remarkable selection of songs in his new EP appropriately titled Escapes.  Though all three songs are a trip only Kanik could guide a listener through, we really dig the last track “Our Prayer” with its somber tones.

The playful “Ou Inme” has been selected as Escape‘s driving single.  The video was directed by  Marcus Grysczok A.K.A. Hypertrashwonderland.  Grysczok has carved a name for himself in the visual realm for his rich use of animation, claymation, and other media to create complex worlds sometimes beautiful sometimes dark.

Escapes EP is available as a free download via Bad Panda Records here.

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Who Does Your Music YUASA?

NYC designer YUASA has unveiled its Spring/Summer 2012 Men’s Loungewear collection with videos featuring male models wearing said collection.  We certainly don’t want to dig into our pockets for a $42 pair of boxers and much less $92 for a crown cap – as cute as these may be.  What we are most interested in about these videos is the music.  YUASA’s Vimeo profile page credits everyone from hair and styling to the videographer but nowhere in sight is there a credit for the musicians – What’s up with that YUASA?

Check out the videos below and tell us what you think.  Are you willing to pay this much for this season’s loungewear?

If anyone has any insight on the music featured please enlighten us. We’re really digging the tunes in these vids.

VIDEO: A Classic Education “Forever Boy”

A Classic Education, former Artist of The Month, have released a video- cinematic experience more like it- for “Forever Boy” from their masterpiece of an album Call It Blazing.  Directed by Opificio Ciclope and featuring bikes, leather jackets, drinks by river, and lead singer Jonathan Clancy tossing his cookies all in beautiful black and white.  

A Classic Education is in the middle of a North American tour.  Check them out.

25-03-2012 Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall w/ Cloud Nothings
26-03-2012 Providence, RI – Fete Lounge w/ Cloud Nothings
27-03-2012 New York, NY – Mercury Lounge w/ Cloud Nothings SOLD OUT
28.03-2012 Brooklyn, NY –  Glasslands w/ Cloud Nothings SOLD OUT
30-03-2012 Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brenda’s w/ Cloud Nothings, Bleeding Rainbow
31-03-2012 Washington, DC – Red Palace w/ Cloud Nothings
01-04-2012 Baltimore, MD – Ottobar w/ Cloud Nothings
02-04-2012 Buffalo, NY – Ninth Ward @ Babeville w/ Cloud Nothings
03-04-2012 Pittsburgh, PA – Brillobox w/ Cloud Nothings
04-04-2012 Detroit, MI – Magic Stick Lounge w/ Cloud Nothings
05-04-2012 Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop w/ Cloud Nothings
06-04-2012 Chicago, IL- Schubas Tavern w/ Cloud Nothings SOLD OUT
07-04-2012 Columbus, OH – Outland Live w/ Cloud Nothings

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FREE TICKETS: Delta Spirit @ Paradise Rock Club (Boston, MA) – March 27th, 2012

Delta Spirit is on tour celebrating the release of their third, self-titled album.
We want you to experience these guys live and so we are giving one lucky winner 2 tickets to the show in Boston, MA on March 27th, 2012 at Paradise Rock Club (travel and accommodation not included, sorry guys).

To enter into the drawing please send an email to with subject line: If You’re Feeling What I’m Feeling C’Mon!

The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Thursday, March 22nd, 2012.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Tim Nelson! Enjoy the show!

Click Your Mouse To Send Conveyor To SXSW

Conveyor, former OIMOS Artist of the Month, have recently entered their latest video single “Mukraker” into a competition that could have them playing at SXSW this March.  “Mukraker” was released earlier this year as the first single to  their upcoming debut album.

To help get them to SXSW Festival all you need to do is click HERE and vote for  “Mukraker” by Conveyor.  Yup, it’s that easy!

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Shit Massholes Say

First, let me start off by saying this:  I realize not all our readers are in Boston so if after watching this video you still need a definition for what a Masshole is then please go here.

Secondly, not all Massholes are cut from the same cloth.  Yes there are people like this…but it’s not the majority I assure you – at least not where we hang out.  But hey, for once they got the accent right.  Examples of Boston residents who don’t suck: they don’t, these guys don’t, and these guys certainly don’t.

Lastly, what is this video doing on our blog anyway?  Wait, oh yes.  We’re from Boston and we’re nothing like this – and Yankees fucking suck!

FREE: pacificUV ‘Weekends’ Limited Deluxe Edition

What You Get:

Weekends CD in laser cut, alternate handmade cover.
– Limited edition 5″x7″ archival photo of Weekends inspired art work
– Limited edition screenprinted 12″x18″ Weekends poster (signed and numbered on back)
– Printed copy of lyrics
– Immediate digital download of full Weekends album
– Strictly limited to 70 copies

How To Win:

Answer the following question: What local Boston radio station hosts the program on which we first heard pacificUV’s “Funny Girl”?  – Reading this will help you find the answer.
The first two people to email the correct answer win.  Reply to

PS – We’ll ship your prize to anywhere in the world.

pacificUV: Artist Of The Month – February/March


January 31, 2012

As a music lover, I am ashamed to admit the following: before this morning I didn’t know who pacificUV were.  Fortunately, and thanks to Breakfast Of Champions, I’ve seen the light because my ears were exposed to “Funny Girl” on my drive to work; whoever says radio sucks (ahem, hipsters) has not listened to this program nor their local indie radio stations and therefore does not know what he or she is talking about….but I digress.  “Funny Girl” reminded me very much of Moenia and Depeche Mode.  When I arrived in the office the first thing I did, and do with any artist who makes an impression on me, was research the band…but don’t tell my boss that.  To  my amazement, I found out pacificUV put out their first album back in the 90s, hence my shame, and their second in 2008 – both to critical acclaim with a couple of EPs thrown into the equation.  Their third album ‘Weekends’, of which “Funny Girl” is from, comes out today.  I listened to ‘Weekends’ over at Bandcamp and it became clear these guys were OIMOS Artist of the Month material, and so here we are.   -Ecos Garcia

PacificUV originally formed in Athens, Georgia then relocated to Portland, Oregon, and now work in both locations.  The band consists of rotating members, but its core is composed of founding members Clay Jordan and Howard Hudson.  Weekends is the band’s latest release.  A concept album that, according to the band, “details the disintegration of a relationship”.

Weekends is like a spontaneous, adventurous, lust-filled, roller coaster romance that flourishes on a Friday night and withers away come Sunday evening.

“Friday Night Dream” opens the album.  An instrumental track that is at first cold with its heart-like pulse until it melts into a gorgeous string arrangement giving way to the dance synth-pop gem “Funny Girl”.  In “Just4kix” pacificUV reveal their aptitude for multi-dimensional songwriting.  It begins like a calm lullaby progressing into the reciting of a revealing love note over fast-paced sounds that eventually unravel and morph into heartaching stridence.  “Ballerina” is pure 80s New Wave done convincingly well in 2012.  The middle of the album is marked by the second of three instrumental tracks, “Saturday Night Dream” – A foggy euphoria with an underlying sense of doom that transitions into a personal favorite, “High”.  Surrounded by fireflies, full of violins, horns, and butterflies in the stomach is “High”.  “Be My Only Shallow Love” is where  things in this relationship go really awry as the singer pleads with his beloved: “Don’t miss me. Be Shallow. Don’t call me. Be callous”.  The lovely and reflective goodbye letter is “Going Home” until peace is made in the third and last of instrumental tracks, “Sunday Night Dream”.  “Unplug Me” is reminiscing months after the fact until you’ve come to your senses and disconnect yourself completely.

Weekends is the kind of relationship that, despite its short life, feels epic, ends up being more meaningful than you expected, and ultimately leaves you forever marked and nostalgic.  Fortunately, and unlike a broken relationship, you can always go back and play Weekends all over again.  Well done pacificUV, well done.

Weekends is available now digitally and physically.  Deluxe and VERY limited (only 70) editions of the album are available here. – Actually only 67 of these remain seeing as how we bought one for ourselves and two to giveaway to you! Enter to win here.

pacificUV: Facebook / Twitter

Ballerina from pacific uv on Vimeo.

FREE: Conveyor ‘Sun Ray’ Vinyl (Ltd. Edition)

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“I’m broke again and starin at my hands
Oh, but I’d love to see who I am or could be.”

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