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A Classic Education – Artist of the Month – November


There is something about A Classic Education that is simply enticing and beckoning.  Their name alone is fucking cool but it is also indicative of the feel and mood of the music.  Though the band has been active for only a few years the music has an older soul with subtle hints of sixties, a bit eighties, and definitely some nineties; think of The Byrds, The Smiths, and Jeff Buckley all rolled into one lovely package with added flavor…all organic of course.  This is not to say the music lacks originality or feels old, on the contrary, it is all original work that sounds fresh.  There is a proper balance of contrast with sparkling, illuminating, oh fuck it BLAZING, instrumentation and melody paired with sweet, sullen vocals that when all combined carry a heavy load of emotions that live in all of us.  Perhaps it is this harmonious symmetry that makes A Classic Education‘s music sound so universally nostalgic, familiar and innate whether you’re listening to their First EP, Hey There Stranger EP, or their new debut album Call It Blazing.

Formed in 2007 and currently based in Bologna, Italy A Classic Education is comprised of Paul Pieretto, Luca Mazzieri,  Giulia Mazza, Federico Oppi, and Jonathan Clancy who is originally from Ottawa, Canada.


Purchase your copy of the music and by doing so you also get a piece of great art.  The Call It Blazing cover features the artwork of Aleksandra Niepsuj.  The EPs feature cover artwork by Ester Grossi.

Order/Buy now from Lefse (world), La Tempesta,
International (Italy), Tannen Records (vinyl),  Moor Works (Japan), InsoundNorman Records and Itunes  

Order/Buy now from LefseInsoundItunes and on vinyl at  WWNBB Collective’s site (limited at 300 copies)


7″ format with a code for the mp3’s. Order/Buy now at www.aclassiceducation.com

12″ format with a code for the mp3’s.  Order/Buy now at www.aclassiceducation.com 



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A Classic Education: Call It Blazing, Call It Bellissimo

A few months ago, while we were researching material for Welcome Back Sailors and our Artist of the Month piece about them, we came across the music of A Classic Education.  Since then this band has been on regular rotation in our MP3 players and computers and well, they may just be on yours too.  The Bolognese band released their stunning EP Hey There Stranger in late 2010 and earlier this year it was released for the first time in vinyl  by We Were Never Being Boring Collective.  This vinyl release contains additional and exclusive remixes by other artists, Welcome Back Sailors included, and can be purchased here.

A Classic Education‘s music brings to life memories, melodies, and words that feel like are a part of all of us but have been dormant until you hear these songs.  How they do it we can’t explain, but then again genius isn’t something one can easily decipher.

A Classic Education’s debut album Call It Blazing is set to be released on October 25th and for the moment it can be streamed in its entirety here.


“Forever Boy” is the second single off Call It Blazing, check out the video.

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A Classic Education – Artist Of The Month – November