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Click Your Mouse To Send Conveyor To SXSW

Conveyor, former OIMOS Artist of the Month, have recently entered their latest video single “Mukraker” into a competition that could have them playing at SXSW this March.  “Mukraker” was released earlier this year as the first single to  their upcoming debut album.

To help get them to SXSW Festival all you need to do is click HERE and vote for  “Mukraker” by Conveyor.  Yup, it’s that easy!

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FREE: Conveyor ‘Sun Ray’ Vinyl (Ltd. Edition)

Limited pressing of 500 on freaky orange vinyl!
Hand numbered!
Comes with digital download card!
Autographed by the band!

We have FOUR of these babies to give away!

How to win: Tell us what Conveyor song the following lyrics come from.  You’ll find the answer here.

“I’m broke again and starin at my hands
Oh, but I’d love to see who I am or could be.”

Email us your answer: OimosMusica@gmail.com

P.S. – We’ll ship it anywhere.

Conveyor: Artist Of The Month – January

Artist Of The Month

What a special way to begin the year.  If you follow us regularly then it comes to no surprise that we would only have great things to say about Brooklyn band Conveyor.  That is because with every release so far they’ve been able to hypnotize and charm us into hitting that repeat button.

In January of 2011  the band teased with the release of “This Building Is For Everyone“.  A quirky, upbeat track, that doesn’t seem promising at first but gradually evolves into something nothing less than majestic.  Available as a digital copy only, the track can be downloaded free of charge below or on the band’s Bandcamp.

A few months later in April, Sun Ray [EP] saw the light of day.  The mood of Sun Ray is just what its title suggests. With its bright tones and warm shades it was fitting that it would come out in Spring and accompany its listeners all the way into the Summer.  Sun Ray has the soul of an endless Summer of love. Vivid, and fun, and certainly set to leave its mark.  Available as free download below or for $10 on a Limited Edition orange vinyl.

Three Carols [EP] was released in September of 2011.  This is the first installment of a planned  series of four releases on tape with custom-made, hand-stenciled packages (limited to 25 copies each).  Three Carols is a perfect example of how much can be accomplished with an acoustic guitar in the right hands.  The release was, instrumentally, a stripped down version of the band though not any less captivating.  Where Sun Ray was a beam of light, Three Carols is a cool Autumn afternoon watching leaves fall.

Conveyor‘s latest release is “Mukraker” from their forth-coming debut full-length album (which we eagerly await).  It’ll also be released on a split 7″ which is set to feature fellow Brooklynites Illuminator on its B side.  “Mukraker” doesn’t stray from that special formula Conveyor have mastered.  They encapsulate simple lyrics, beautiful harmonies, and great instrumentation in four minutes.  As a band, Conveyor have this natural ability to shine beauty where other bands might just not make the cut.  To that we say: shine on Conveyor!

Conveyor are:  Timothy John Masters // Evan Michael Garfield // G Alan Busch Jr. // Michael Ryan Pedron 

Conveyor on Facebook
Conveyor on Twitter

Conveyor live:  Jan 28 , 2011 – Le Poisson Rouge – New York, NY

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Conveyor – The Guys Strip Down For Free, But $3 Gets You The Package

Today the Brooklyn band Conveyor graces us with the release of their EP ‘Three Carols‘.  If you loved ‘Sun Ray‘ as much as we did, ‘Three Carols‘ will not disappoint you.  Part of what we love about Conveyor is that they create folk songs with an added electronic ambiance.  This time around though the band makes good use of acoustic instruments for a more nude sound.  The ethereal essence of Conveyor is still present in this acoustic set of songs but in a quieter, more haunting tone.

Two first two tracks are available for FREE download.  The third track, however, is only available on a limited run of handmade, silk-screened tape packages for $3.00.  Visit Conveyor’s Bandcamp to order yours, only 100 will be made.