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ALBUM STREAM: CreaturoS – Swampp Thingg

I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is about CreaturoS that completely enthralls me.  Is it the cute lead singer? Nah, I’m not that shallow and I fell in love with their sound way before I knew what any of them looked like.  Is it their impeccable way of fusing garage, psychedelia, punk, and raising the volume?  Could be.  Is it their hypnotizing live performances?  Quite possibly.  But I’m leaning toward magic.

I’m not sure that CreaturoS has set out to be innovative.  This is not a new sound that they are creating.  Their equation is not unique.  And yet despite this they are able to reach for and hold a firm, tight grip on listeners.

The magic abounds in Swampp Thingg, the debut album by CreaturoS – out now on cassette and digital download via pRIMORDIAL sOUNDS, buy here or here. Stream below.